John Duff

Chicago, United States

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Finding Authenticity

My passion is to help you build a life of greater authenticity, and thus greater happiness and contribution to others.

You must be willing to test inherited beliefs about who you are and how you should live.  It takes courage to ask what you truly believe and want for yourself.  As your coach, I create a safe and loving space to help you dream possibilities that felt off-limits before.

I help you become ready for change by being a sounding board, someone who affirms your right to wonder, asks probing questions that help you get unstuck, and offers perspectives or new information based on my own journey.

Where do you yearn for greater authenticity? Here are some areas where I feel particularly equipped to support your exploration:

Coming out: make space in your heart and life to embrace your own personal truth as a sexual minority.

Spiritual/religious transformation: reshape what's not working in your beliefs and practice without losing what is still important to you.

Meaning and purpose: assess the place of work alongside other things like relationships and recreation.

Embodiment: recognize how to integrate mind and body to be sustained and guided by more ways of knowing.

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