Michael Cohen

NewYork, East Coast 10028, United States

Business Details

I primarily work with gay men. I work with men on the issues in their lives that need attention. Men come to me when they feel blocked or unsatisfied or are in time of transition.

We work hard together to accomplish their goals. My job is to make sure those goals get met.

The Top 10 Reasons Why You Might Hire Me As a Coach:

  • to begin a new business
  • to find a life partner
  • to change jobs or change careers
  • to take better care of yourself
  • to achieve balance between work and play
  • to move out of being stuck
  • to fulfill a life's dream
  • to follow through on a project/commitment
  • to live on purpose
  • to be more alive


I have been a coach since before I even knew it. By that I mean that coaching comes so naturally to me. For me, it's all about being curious about people and wanting to help people fulfill their dreams. I love engaging with people in that process. It is what I do for work, and at the same time, it is one of the purposes of my life. I am indeed a fortunate man. Like all men who grew up gay, I am especially sensitive to the wounds incurred during those early years. I have fought to not let those wounds limit me. I am passionate about helping other men do the same. The goal for many of us is to break through those old habits to become the men we are destined to be.

I believe that gay men have many gifts to offer as well. The world needs those gifts. I know that having a coach is one of the best ways to make sure your talents and gifts are manifested. I also work for the Body Electric School, something I am also very passionate about. Teaching men to be more erotically alive, to let go of body shame, and to increase sensual pleasure is one of my greatest joys. It is good work and I believe in it wholeheartedly.

I love being a friend, an uncle, a brother, and a neighbor. All of my relationships are very important to me. I have a terrific life partner, Dan, who is my most significant relationship. From all of my relations I derive love and strength and constant energy to do what I do and to be who I am.

I live in New York City. I moved there almost ten years ago after living in Connecticut for most of my adult life. I felt called to live in NYC and had to follow that energy. I made a big move, both home and career. It was a big move, one that took a little over two years to complete. I could not have done it without the guidance and clarity and support of my own coach. I have now worked with this same coach for ten years and consider him to be a vital source of support for my life.

I practice both meditation (Vipassana) and yoga (Hatha). Both keep me balanced (a constant practice) and help to slow me down. I am a pretty high-energy person. Living in NYC is a challenging place to be grounded and mindful.


Please check out my web site at: http://www.lifecoachmichael.com



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