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I​ support​​​​​ ​people to be the most alive, fulfilled version of themselves by​ reclaiming their power & finally creating the life they’ve been waiting for – so they can experience profound aliveness from living a soul-aligned & purpose-centered life.




We all long to fully participate in life. 


I support spiritually-inclined & growth-orientated individuals who are stuck in self-improvement & self-healing and waiting to finally live their lives in a BIG WAY.


My clients long for freedom, peace, & ease in their body; they are afraid of “wasting time” and eager to make the most of this precious life and opportunity.


I help them to embrace their humanness, connect deeply with their emotions and body, & experience renewal, hope, & alignment with their soul's purpose.



My Story:          


Since I was a young child, I thought something was deeply “wrong” with me because I was gay and battled with a chronic digestive condition, and unconsciously, I sought to become “perfect” and “healed” so I could finally feel okay inside. Over time, I felt soul-weary. I became tired of all “the work”, the constant management of all the symptoms, the focus on endless becoming. At some point, I realized I could spend the rest of my life this way, and it still wouldn’t be “enough”.


Eventually, & with the power of grace, I realized that the problem lied with the paradigm I had been trapped in. Over time, I experienced a significant paradigm shift. In this, I experienced the beginning of an awakening that my pain was not pathology but path; that my symptoms were not asking to be healed, but to be held; and, that the only way out is "through". That is when the tide fundamentally shifted for me. I realized my life was & is meant to be embraced and lived, & so is yours.  



My Service:


Having harvested these insights & shifted as a result, I now help people who are attached to suffering to move through their pain & experience life freshly anew;  I empower people to shift out of a fixation on self-help & simply managing their symtoms & life and support them to uncover their life’s purpose & meaning; I help people to break free from a paradigm of self-pathology, self-aggression, a deficiency mindset, & project mentality; and, I support people to reclaim natural self-love & acceptance, to connect with radical self-trust, & to uncover the power & potency of their creative selves.


Fundamentally, I help my clients to deeply trust that they’re enough, to serve the world from where they’re at now, & to be at peace with & embrace with their human experience, emotions, and limitations from a grounded, centered place.



Final Words For Now:


You are not a project to endlessly improve. And, there is no “perfected” state.


True healing happens when you begin to stop fighting Life & when you learn the art of allowing, acceptance, & surrender. 


I welcome you to contact me for a complimentary consult if these words speak to you. You may text me at (352) 672-2514 or email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to schedule directly with me. As an experienced Certified Life Coach, I work with all people, & I am confident I can help you get to the next level you are seeking in your life.

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Nonviolent Communication, pre-relationship coaching, forgiveness work, relationship support, transforming self-limiting beliefs, identifying your core wounds, public & motivational speaking coaching, creativity coaching (i.e. for web copy), interview support, & editing services. 

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Saint Petersburg, Florida 33705, FL, United States

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